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Om Logosack

Logosack was founded in 2011 by the design studio Lobby Design AB in Stockholm. Lobby Design has been working with logos and graphic concepts since 2003 and has also received several design awards throughout the years.

“Our ambition is to create the market’s most convenient and costeffective service to buy logos. We want all companies, even the ones with limited resources, to be able to have a visually strong corporate identity. An attractive logo is a big advantage when your brand is, through social media, exposed in a completely different level than just a few years ago. We also strongly believe that you are being little more passionate and work a little harder if you also can be proud of what your company looks like. First impression last”

Thank you for visiting Logosack, we hope you will find a logo that it suitable for your business and will contribute to growth!

/Emma Tajiou & Maria Ottosson

Founders of Logosack