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How to choose a font for your business logo

Friday, April 19th, 2013.

When a font is to be selected for a logo there are a few considerations to keep in mind. An important start is to think about how you want the audience to react when they see it. What do you want to convey with the brand? If you know the answer to this question, it is much easier to move forward in the process of choosing a font. It is also important to find a font that is easy to read and appropriate for the company.

Don’t forget the context

When choosing a font, it is important that it fits the context of the logo is to work within such what industry and what standards apply. For some industries, there may be a reason to break the rules, in such cases, readability was one of the parts to be more artistic with. Font readability is the degree that is considered to be easy or difficult to read. The context forecloses even the fonts you can choose, it would for example not be particularly good idea to use a playful font in the logo for a law firm, but better for a toy company.

Capture the corporate feeling

While the context is important the feeling your company wants to convey is probably more important. What do you really even brand to say about the company? The feeling it conveys is something that font helps to cement. There are an infinite number of fonts online, and the differences can be huge among themselves. Fonts, just like colors, contain feelings that they convey. If you choose a font that doesn’t convey the same feeling as the company name or symbol it might make it feel disconnected.

Think long-term

When you select the font for your logo, you should choose something that is not considered trendy right now and possibly go out of style quickly. It should not be too neutral and bland as it can easily be perceived as boring. Thus, it is a good idea not to use a font that is not included in standard fonts or typefaces from a word processor. Try to find something more original that will represent your company and keep in mind that the logo and associated fonts will keep for a long time.

Experiment with the font

Once you have found a font that you feel is suitable for your logo, there are several things you can do to make it feel original and completely right. The normal distance between the letters can be wrong and you may need to change the distance if they are too close or too far apart. The distance between the letters is also something you can test around with because the default spacing is usually used. Another thing you can do is to test around with different colors, change the thickness of the letters, or do both.

Choosing fonts is not very easy to do and you should have a pretty good idea of ​​what they really mean. Without further knowledge of the subject, this might be a difficult task as most typefaces look similar. One should also remember not to choose the first best fonts to find but wonder if it feels coherent as a whole, that is, do it feel like symbol, text and business go together? Do not forget to think about whether it looks professional, it might otherwise just look sloppy.

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Get free logo proposals

Try our free logo design generator, with Logosack it's fast and easy to buy a new logo.

No design knowledge required!