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Logo Trends for 2013 – What’s In and What’s Out

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013.

There’s no law out there which states that you have to follow logo design trends. Sure, some things may be technically “out” in terms of winning style points, but if you want to design a logo using design elements that were popular in 2010 but not so much in 2013, then that’s perfectly acceptable. The main thing to focus on is quality.

Ironically, logo designs like McDonald’s and Apple and UPS would be considered antiquated today, even though they’re amongst the most popular logos in the world. So, remember to always take a trend with a grain of salt. That being said, you may still be interested in knowing which design features are trending up and which are falling off the map.

To find out about the different design features you may want to incorporate or leave out of your next logo design, here’s a quick list of features that are either trending up or falling off.

Trends in Logo Design for 2013

In: Sharp Angles

Playing with geometry can make a huge splash in today’s marketplace. Think about triangles and sharper lines and angles. You want to avoid these types of shapes on the borders or edges of your logo (more of that below in “Explosions”), but playing with shapes is a good thing.

Out: Roundness

Anything that’s too round is basically out in today’s market. That’s not to say that a great logo with rounded letters (bubble, cursive, etc) couldn’t succeed; it’s just that most that try end up failing. Round looks flat with today’s HD screens. Intense graphics need bold designs, not circles.

In: Asymmetry

When done subtly and purposefully, asymmetry can be a winning move for your logo. Now, you don’t want to get carried away with an uneven logo that’s hard on the eyes. But if you have design elements which you think may play well together, even though they don’t line up perfectly, give it a go to see what you come up with.

Out: Embossed Lettering

Embossed lettering was in back when American Psycho was a big hit. And while it’s still a cult classic, most of today’s brands want an online presence via social media rather than relying strictly on business cards. So save those embossed letters for company letterhead. When it comes to your logo, leave it alone.

In: Nature-Based, Earthy Logos

In-your-face bold blues and purples and sharp silvers may work for brand logos that have been established for quite some time, but what’s trending today is earth-toned, nature-based colors and features. Think: Green, brown, leaves, grass, sandy, etc.

Out: Glossy Logos

High-gloss is something that used to catch people’s eye in a hurry. These days, however, it’s a bit annoying to see glossy logos everywhere you turn. “Flat” isn’t really as flat as you may think. It blends well with most page elements. Glossy ends up clashing more often than not.

In: Retro Fonts

Retro fonts and scripts are coming back in a big way. While classic shapes may be trending down, classic fonts are trending up significantly. This type of trend is driven by social media using basic fonts for most of their elements, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Out: Explosions

Those logos that seem to be jumping off the page with 3D explosion-like graphics are definitely out. They stand out more as spam, like “click me” buttons that usually lead to pop-ups and dead ends. So be careful when trying to make your logo jump off the page.

In: Words and Letters

This is a trend like classic Converse: It once faded out but has come back. Using words (shorter words, of course) and letters (acronyms and initialism) are making a big comeback in the popularity department. With the explosion in social media sites and in mobile marketing, having a logo that’s actually your brand name can score big points.

Out: Pronounced Shadowing

Bolder shadowing, like drop shadows, are out. What’s trending up are subtler shadowing techniques, like layered shadows and hard-edged shadows. You might do well to take it easy with your shadowing techniques.

As stated previously, you don’t have to follow trends if you don’t want. Going against the grain might just be what your company’s logo needs. However, it may still be in your best interest to heed what’s trending and what’s not in 2013.

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Get free logo proposals

Try our free logo design generator, with Logosack it's fast and easy to buy a new logo.

No design knowledge required!